Adrenalin rush, it’s not just for parachutists anymore

In A Successful Manager But Never A Successful Project? Bruce Benson writes about a rather thought provoking idea: People might actually like being in firefighting mode! The next time I'm in a situation where I'm having trouble understanding why management is not encouraging improvement, but completely focused on dealing with the craze of the day, I'm … Continue reading Adrenalin rush, it’s not just for parachutists anymore

It’s the people, stupid!

I just came across an old article by Alistair Cockburn, called Characterizing people as non-linear, first-order component in software development that should be required reading for anyone working in software development. The title might be a little off-putting, but the message of the article is simple: It's the people that make or break a project. Cockburn … Continue reading It’s the people, stupid!

The Declaration of Interdependence

The Declaration of Interdependence is an initiative of the APLN, and codifies some guidelines for lean and agile (project) management. It's not new, but it does make for a nice companion to the Agile Manifesto with a different way of stating the same principles, with a focus to link them to the business reasons for … Continue reading The Declaration of Interdependence

Lean? Or Gaunt?

Sometimes people imagine their company will simply be more 'lean' if a number of people voluntarily leave. The financial pictures look better with less staff to burden the expenses side of the reporting. But losing weight by letting your muscles atrophy is not generally considered the best method to get to a healthy body. You build the muscle, and use it to burn away the fat (like those cumbersome manual procedures that you should have automated years ago, but never had the time for...).