Agile Testing Workshop

Probably the greatest challenge that Agile teams encounter is in testing. Many teams get to a point where their automated tests become an impediment instead of an asset. How can we avoid that? And fix it?

How do you build a fast and maintainable set of acceptance tests? How do you make sure your unit tests don’t inhibit refactoring, instead of making it safe? How do you deal with testing UI? And services, micro or otherwise?

Those are the questions we’ll attack in this hands-on workshop. We’ll take an example project (an existing, open source codebase) and learn how many different types of tests there are, by finding out what happens when they’re missing:

  • Behaviour Driven Development
  • Ubiquitous Language and design
    • Common anti-patterns in BDD
    • The right way of implementing acceptance scenarios so that they are fast and reliable
  • Hexagonal Design and Adapters
  • Time and Randomness
  • Testing the UI
    • JavaScript is code
    • Selenium for (a very few) end-to-end tests
  • Contract tests
  • Component tests
  • Integration tests
  • Dealing with data

Public dates: TBD

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