Integrated Agile Skills Training

A fully hands-on training that takes the whole team through the practices and skills needed to make agile work.

The mythical high-performance agile team does not magically appear. For an Agile team to grow beyond the basics, they need to learn a lot of new skills. In this training the Product Owner, Development Team and Scrum Master collaboratively learn to master those skills.

Key learnings:

  • Iterative Delivery
    • Story Mapping
    • Prioritisation
  • Behaviour Driven Development
    • Example Mapping
    • Scenario writing
    • Ubiquitous language
    • Driving design through your acceptance tests
  • Test Driven Development
    • Simple Design
    • Iterative Design
  • Building a fast, reliable test base
    • Separating test concerns: unit, integration, contract, component, acceptance
    • Isolating your logic from its environment, hexagonal design/DDD

We learn what good requirements look like, using Story Mapping to explore and prioritise features. We refine and split stories using Example Mapping to learn the advantages of BDD. Then we go into more technical skills, implementing acceptance scenarios as tests, driving the design directly from our domain language, and switching to TDD to implement the production code. We see how we can create a test set that is fast, reliable and gives you the safety net to confidently release to production at any moment. By going through this cycle in quick succession, we explore iterative design and tackle the interaction between tests and the design of production code.

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