For an Agile team to grow beyond the basics, they need to learn a lot of practices. Getting to small enough stories that they can actually start iterating, specifying them well enough using Specification by Example, or BDD, how exactly to automate those acceptance scenarios, how to switch from acceptance test to TDD unit testing, evolutionary design, …
And even working on all those, we frequently falter. Because the real power of those practices comes from combining them and allow them to reinforce each other.

In this Agile Skills training we go through the whole process of development from start to finish. That way, we make all those separate things concrete and practical, connecting the dots so the whole team not just understands but experiences the way it all works together in practice.

We start with creating and refining stories, using Story Mapping and getting to the acceptance scenarios using Example Mapping. Then we add in more technical skills, implementing the scenarios at the right level, driving the design directly from our domain language, and going through the red/green/refactor cycle of TDD. We’ll see how we can create a test set that actually runs fast (for acceptance as well as unit tests!), is maintainable, reliable and gives you the safety net to confidently release to production at any moment.

In highly focused Mob Programming sessions over the course of two days you will learn:


  • Story Mapping and Iterative Delivery
  • Prioritisation
  • Behaviour Driven Development / Specification by Example
  • Example Mapping
  • Scenario writing
  • Ubiquitous language
  • Driving design through Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • How to create your acceptance tests so they run fast and reliably
  • Switching from ATDD to TDD at the right moments
  • Test Driven Development
  • Iterative Design
  • Building a fast, reliable test base
  • Unit testing vs Integration Testing
  • State based testing vs Interaction based testing
  • Separating test concerns: unit, integration, contract, component, acceptance
  • Isolating your logic from its environment, hexagonal design

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